This collection is all about finding beauty with simplicity.

Our society is so consumed with wanting more. Having more means more success. Having more means more happiness. But the opposite often reins true.

More brings anxiety. More brings chaos. It brings an eternal want, and a true happiness that is never achieved. When you have more, you simply want more. It’s a never ending cycle. More is never enough.

Often the most unassuming things bring us the most peace, serenity and happiness. The quiet moments.

Those are the things we need to hold on to.

Moments filled with silence and stillness are often overlooked, so simple yet they mean so much if you take the time to see the value in it.

In this collection, I strive to find beauty with four unassuming colors. I had an epiphany while working on another collection. I felt stuck. It felt disingenuous. I randomly found these four samples of paint I had for my bedroom and wondered, was it possible to make something beautiful with something so simple? It worked. I stopped seeking for more. I had everything I needed with these four jars that had been tucked away for years. There was no need for more. It was so natural to produce this body of work and I hope that you are able to find the beauty in the smaller things in life that we often overlook.